Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Strategic Objectives

The University Institute for Research in Sustainability, Climate Change, and Energy Transition (IU-RESCAT) has established a series of strategic objectives that will guide its activities and initiatives in the coming years. Through these objectives, IU-RESCAT aims to excel in scientific research, become a reference in scientific advisory and knowledge transfer, promote knowledge in critical areas such as sustainability and climate change, acquire the necessary resources, and consolidate its image as a scientific and social community leader. Below, we will analyze each of the strategic objectives set by IU-RESCAT in more detail to understand better its commitment to these crucial challenges of our time.

  1. Achieve International Scientific Excellence

    • o excel globally in IU-RESCAT's research lines, a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach will be promoted to achieve scientific excellence. This research will translate into participation in international projects and calls, such as the Horizon Europe program and publication in indexed journals and Q1-SPI publications.
  2. Become a Reference Center for Scientific Advisory and Knowledge Transfer

    • IU-RESCAT aspires to become a national, state, and international reference centre in scientific advisory and knowledge transfer in its areas. This will be achieved through establishing links with companies, institutions, and other territorial actors, as well as the internationalization of technology transfer and the linkage between education, research, and transfer.
  3. Promote of Knowledge in Sustainability and Climate Change

    • To promote knowledge in sustainability, climate change, and energy transition, IU-RESCAT will participate in teaching university master's programs, create degree programs, and offer non-regulated training for professionals. It will also encourage the completion of doctoral theses in these fields
  4. Provision of Resources and Infrastructure

    • IU-RESCAT will provide itself with the necessary personnel and infrastructure to efficiently achieve its objectives, creating critical mass and obtaining the required resources to administrate and manage research projects.
  5.  Create Brand Image and Visibility

    • To establish itself as a scientific and social reference, IU-RESCAT will develop a consistent research image and educational excellence, contribute to the rigorous dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, and increase its visibility in scientific advisory and knowledge transfer internally and externally.