Universitat Rovira i Virgili


IU-RESCAT is a University Institute for Research in Sustainability, Climate Change, and Energy Transition.

The three main areas of work are:


IU-RESCAT as a research institute goal is to achieve international scientific excellence in a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner in the following research areas:

  • Basic science of climate change.
  • Environmental and climate economics; territorial analysis.
  • Governance, environmental law, and energy transition; environmental and climate justice.
  • Health risks, analysis of human behavior, and the impacts of pollution on individuals and ecosystems.
  • Technological solutions; development of monitoring systems and environmental analysis.


IU-RESCAT has a fundamental emphasis on education, and for this reason, one of its main tasks is to provide basic skills and competencies in sustainability management, climate change, and energy transition in a cross-cutting manner.


IU-RESCAT has a strategic focus on becoming a national and international reference in scientific consultancy and knowledge transfer in topics related to sustainability, climate change, and energy transition.